Chlorophytum laxum
Aromatic and Herbaceous

Chlorophytum laxum


Chlorophytum laxum

:: 20/50 cm

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Chlorophytum laxum (Bichetii grass, Siam lily, false lily turf, wheat plant) is a flowering plant species in the genus Chlorophytum, widespread through tropical Africa, Asia, and Australia. Anthericum bichetii Backer Anthericum parviflorum (Wight) Benth. Chlorophytum abyssinicum Kotschy & Peyr. Chlorophytum acaule Baker Chlorophytum bichetii Backer Chlorophytum debile Baker Chlorophytum falcatum Baker Chlorophytum javanicum (Hassk.) M.R.Almeida Chlorophytum laxiflorum Baker Chlorophytum laxum f. javanicum (Hassk.) Backer Chlorophytum parviflorum Dalzell Chlorophytum xerotinum F.Muell. Nolina javanica Hassk. Phalangium laxum (R.Br.) F.Muell. Phalangium parviflorum Wight Prodr. Fl. Nov. Holl. 277 1810. The Plant List entry JSTOR entry Flora of China entry